Watch instructions Chronograph


1. Hour hand
2. Minute hand
3. Second hand
5. Chronograph minute hand (60 minute)
6. 24 hour hand
7. Button 7 (START/ STOP)
8. Button 8 (RESET)
9. Crown at second position (Time setting)

Set the time

1) Pull out the crown to the second click position.
2) Turn the crown to set hour and minute hand (Check that AM / PM is set correctly)
3) Push the crown back into the normal position. * If the crown is pulled to the second position while the chronograph is started, the chronograph hands will continue to move. This is not malfunction.

How to use the chronograph


* Press button 7 to start the chronograph. The chronograph hands will start moving

STOP (Finish)

* Press button 7 again to stop the chronograph. The chronograph hands stop to indicate the elapsed time.


* Press button 8 to reset the chronograph. All the chronograph hands will be reset to "0" position.

* The chronograph can measure up to 60 minutes and chronograph stops after a measurement for 60 minutes.